News2u Inc. exhibits the Social Media Registry "Comfacts" at ad:tech New York 2012

October 26, 2012

News2u Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of News2u Corporation which offers online PR services, will be exhibiting Comfacts, the Social Media Registry at ad:tech New York 2012 on November 7, 2012.

ad:tech New York official site (Comfacts) :

ad:tech is a major digital marketing conference with seminars and workshops organized by cutting-edge companies and firms. For more than 10 years in seven countries, ad:tech has provided professionals in media, marketing, and technology with the tools and techniques they need to succeed in a changing digital world.

ad:tech New York 2012 will be held for two days starting on November 7th. News2u Inc. will be exhibiting Comfacts at ad:tech New York 2012.

ad:tech New York 2012
Official site :
When: November 7 and 8, 2012

About Comfacts Social Media Registry:
The name "Comfacts" was coined from the words "comfort" and "facts." The registry was created to offer corporations a way to control the accuracy of their social media accounts. In this new and unique online space, both general users and corporations can comfortably collaborate.

Comfacts is a user-generated directory of company-owned social media accounts. From its outset, Comfacts has listed social media platforms for more than 2,000 companies. These lists await managers of those companies to sign in, verify and approve the accounts.

If visitors to Comfacts find any unapproved accounts for corporations, those accounts can be brought to the attention of corporate managers through Comfacts. Once the accounts are validated by the owners (the corporations), the verified information is widely available to internet users.

General users have the advantage of searching the accurate social media accounts of corporations. What they see is guaranteed not to be a spoof website, but the genuine article.

Through Comfacts, corporations can easily access social media accounts from different platforms. Upon their approval, their accounts in Comfacts can be a powerful, new communication venue with their users.

News2u Corporation, through News2u Inc., will continue to provide innovative planning and development for the online PR activities of global corporations.

About News2u Inc.
News2u Inc. was founded in February 2012 as a subsidiary of News2u Corporation.