The Social Media Registry "Comfacts" Launches "Company Bulletin Board" for Verified Companies.

August 20, 2012

Comfacts is now offering a "Company Bulletin Board" exclusively to Verified companies registered within the Comfacts listing. This is an official online space where companies can list and showcase their official social media profiles and corporate information. This feature is only available to companies that are verified with Comfacts.

The Company Bulletin Board allows verified companies to effectively manage and update their information as well as add messages, photos and links, showcase recent projects, or make upcoming announcements. This bulletin board will replace the advertising space that all unverified companies currently have on their account listing pages.

To access their company's bulletin board, a representative from their social media team must register at Comfacts, and verify their company's account information page.

About The Social Media Registry "Comfacts"

The name "Comfacts" was coined from the words "comfort" and "facts." The registry was created to offer corporations a way to control the accuracy of their social media accounts. In this new environment, both general users and corporations can comfortably collaborate.

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