Comfacts Social Media Registry Service Announces the Top Three Liked Posts in its Official Facebook Page during July 2012!

August 15, 2012

Comfacts Social Media Registry is a user-generated directory of company-owned social media accounts. Today we'd like to announce the top three most liked posts in their official Facebook page during July 2012.

Comfacts official Facebook page:

Top 1: 7 Likes, July 1
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Top 2: 5 Likes, July 2
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Top 3: 4 Likes, July 3
Do you believe that social media is the best way to gauge consumer interest in your brand?
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Top 3 tie: 4 Likes, July 13
Have you changed your social strategy at all since Facebook went public?

As a useful information source and a communication medium, Comfacts Social Media Registry has opened its official Facebook page since March 2012, for corporate officials who utilize social media.

In July they updated 38 times. During this month, they received 374 Likes (People Who Like This) and 509 Comments (People Talking About This.)

About The Social Media Registry "Comfacts"

The name "Comfacts" was coined from the words "comfort" and "facts." It was created for corporations in order to offer them social media accounts, where they have control over the accuracy of contents, in a new environment where both general users and corporations comfortably collaborate.

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